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Inmate Calling Solutions: Totally  Worth  Your  Money Or Just Another Scam?


PCS inmate calling - bringing your loved ones close

PCS inmate calling allows the inmates to call their family from the jails on regular basis without having to pay.  The calling charges for such services are higher than the regular service providers. The reason for such high costs is that these calls have to recorded and monitored by the jail staff and normally the data is stored for about 5 years which has a very high cost. 

PCS was the first company to introduce inmate calling system and since then has been the leader in the market. It had the first mover advantage and capitalized on that.

There are various methods for these calls.

  • Collect calling services

    In collect calling the receiver is the one who pays for the call instead of the caller. The caller first puts the request through to the operator who then confirms the collect call from the receiver after which the call is connected.
    The charges per 15 min for a collect call are about $4.5 and this might vary from city to city.  The inmates are only allowed to make calls to the numbers which have been approved by the jail facility. This is mainly due to the security purpose.
    It seems to be a great advantage however there is a drawback in this. The inamtes are not allowed to make collect calls on:
    • Mobile phones
    • Hospitals
    • Offices
    • Business phones
    • Commercial number

The reason behind is that, these numbers/places do not offer collect calls, and thus the call cannot be connected. Another drawback is that if one number starts to get a lot of collect calls, then their service provider might block the facility, and it would not be able to use it again. Once you cannot make any more collect calls the only thing you can do is get a prepaid account and start receiving calls again.

  • Prepaid calling services

The word says it all. You need to have an account with PCS and load some money in that, after which you can start receiving calls in 15 minutes. This is the quickest method to receive calls from inmates. The competitors take a lot more time than 15 minutes thus this gives PCS an edge over others.

Other services such as debit calling services are also offered by PCS but the most common method for receiving calls from inmates is either prepaid calling or collect calling. The advantage with debit calling service is that anyone can load money into the account of the inmate, they just need to know the prisoners ID number.
PCS telecom inmate calling provides the best call quality in the whole market. Majority of these kinds of companies turn out to be a scam and their call qualities are way below par. That is not the case with pcs telecom. They deliver to their customers exactly what they promised.

Let’s look at some major benefits:

  • It is experience and pioneer in this industry which makes it more reliable than any other company. In other words the money you put in their hands is safe and you will be able to make calls without any trouble.
  • It offers a very easy and quick service for the daily dial prepaid calling. You can start receiving calls within 15 minutes. In other companies this procedure takes 2-5 working days.
  • Another very good benefit is that their bills don’t surprise you with huge amounts. They are very reasonable and almost same as you would have expected. This is because there is no hidden cost.
  • You can view your budget and remaining amount online for the prepaid customers.
  • There is no age limit. People of any age can register and start receiving calls. This is a huge bonus for youngsters and students.

Disadvantages of pcs inmate calling

  • It does not have any hidden costs but it is slightly expensive than its competitors, which does not go down very well with most customers.
  • Apart from the cost factors there is no as such disadvantage with PCS but sometimes the calls seems to get disconnected a lot. This is not a big problem because you don’t get charged.

 In the end we can easily conclude that, PCS is currently the best service provider for inmate calling services. The low cost and convenience provided by the company overcomes its flaws.