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Inmate Calling Solutions: Totally  Worth  Your  Money Or Just Another Scam?


Inmate collect calls: bringing families together

 An inmate collect call is a phone call through which the inmates can place a call at the calling party’s expense which is billable at their home telephone number. To be specific, when an inmate calls their friends or family, the expense is bear by the party that is receiving the call (in this case, the friends or family of an inmate).

About inmate collect calls

inmate collect callsThe cost of collect calls from inmates is same as that of a paid call. However, the only difference here is that the recipient (one who receives the call) is charged for the call, not the inmate. Common observation is that inmate collect calls cannot be placed on a cell phone number or on a telephone number that does not have a contract with the inmate calling service provider. Apart from that the commercial numbers, hospital numbers or business phone numbers are normally restricted or blocked for placing a collect call.
This means that the recipient needs to have subscribed with a particular inmate calling service provider. This can be done by getting a local number from your inmate telephone service provider and opening up a prepaid account.

However, one solution to this problem is that there are various inmate calling service providers that allow receiving collect calls on the above mentioned numbers or facilities. All you need o do is sign up for a prepaid account and you are ready to receive collect calls. PCS (public communication services) and many other firms allow their customers to open up a prepaid account through which they can start receiving collect calls on their cell phone numbers as well. It is only when the called party has established a prepaid account with the service provider, the inmates would be able to call cell phone and other blocked numbers. 

How much does it cost?

Collect calls in most cases are expensive and some facilities numbers are blocked from receiving the collect calls. Normally, the collect calls might cost you around 12$ and even higher for just 15 minute call. Now this is very expensive and many people cannot afford making such expensive calls. What worse is that if you’re making long distance calls, it will cost you even higher. In order to reduce the cost associated with collect calls, companies such as inmate call savings offer great savings on collect calls. charges you a minimum amount and that too, for just the connection that you acquired. It does not charge you on the basis of per minute.

Inmate calling plans and packages

collect calls from inmatesOther than that, you can get access to cheap inmate calls through their various packages. One of such packages is to make unlimited inmate calls monthly for just 20 $. There are of course, various other alternatives available for example, provides you with an inmate calling plan which requires you to make calls for one month for just 17.99 $. One drawback in this case is that, it does not allow the customers to make unlimited inmate calls on a monthly basis unlike other companies.

Similarly, the other inmate calling plans and packages include a 6-month plan and a 12-month plan as well.

There are inmate calling cards as well which allow customers to make cheap calls in order to stay in constant touch with their family and friends who are residing far away from them. Prepaid inmate calling or phone cards can cost you around 10$ at minimum. I think that getting a prepaid calling card can be an expensive choice. You should rather consider various inmate calling plans that so many service providers are offering. The reason for choosing plans/packages is that, you can make calls on a monthly, quarterly or even yearly basis to your loved ones and that too, at a very low cost. It would cost you less as compared to purchasing a prepaid inmate calling card.

Inmate collect calls allow you to collect calls from inmates in prison through the use of various calling plans and packages. It is the best solution to bring the families together.