inmate calling solutions

Inmate Calling Solutions: Totally  Worth  Your  Money Or Just Another Scam?


Inmate calling: an easy way to connect to your loved ones.

How inmate calling services works?

inmate callingBack then inmate phone calls used to be a very expensive process, especially when you needed to make long distance calls to contact your loved one residing in jail. However, with the advancement in technology and emerging businesses, many companies provide such service that is easy to follow and does not require you to pay huge amount of money for making inmate calls.

Almost every jail facility makes use of their unique phone systems that are typically managed by the facility’s phone service provider. The main disadvantage of using the normal phone services of the jail’s facility is that they cost the most in case the inmate wants to make a phone call to their loved ones. This is exactly why many companies felt the need to come up with inmate phone call services that allows the inmate and their families or loved ones to make inmate phone calls easily and effectively.

Inmate calling requires you to obtain an exclusive local number. Every time the inmate calls you, the call will be directed to the local number that has been issued by your inmate calling service provider. This local number provided by your service provider is specific to the inmates’ facility. Having said that all that, there is definitely no need for inmate to make use of the expensive telephone services provided by jail’s own facility which are way too costly for making long distance calls.


Benefits of inmate calling services

inmate callsInmate calling solutions, inmate call savings and many other companies are working to provide you such similar services. These firms offer certain inmate calling packages which can be classified in to monthly, quarterly and even six months calling packages. Though there are different services and inmate phone calls packages for different companies. Some of them provide inmate phone calls at a very cost effective rate. Inmate calling solutions and inmate call savings are examples of such firms that makes calling long distances an easy and inexpensive process.

Inmate telephone system allows customers to stay connected whenever they want, in a timely manner. Inmate calling service is also beneficial on part of management and the administrative staff. This is due to the fact that officers and the staff can monitor and control the calls that are being made. The officers can keep a track record of the calls in order to ensure security measures. The list of calls made, location and the specific people to whom the call is being made, the amount of funds being transferred and the voice is recorded and stored in the facility’s database in order to meet any future obligations. In short, this is to make sure that the inmate is making the call to the right person and is not engaging in unethical or illegal activities.

Moreover by subscribing, setting up a prepaid account and getting a local number by your service provider, you are close to saving a huge amount of money.


inmate phone callsNow what about the drawbacks? There are some drawbacks in a particular inmate calling service provider. Customers are of the view that many a times they have faced calls getting disconnected and when they try to call back, it just won’t work for them. Sometimes, the inmate phone call is blocked on the list for no reason. Apart from that, some service providers have hidden charges as well so one really needs to be aware of such traps and choose to subscribe wisely by conducting a thorough research.

Nonetheless, inmate calling service providers gives you a chance to re-connect with your family and loved ones and this is just a call away. It allows you to talk more and save more.