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Inmate Calling Solutions: Totally  Worth  Your  Money Or Just Another Scam?


Inmate calling service - A comparison of the best

Inmate calling serviceInmate calling services are for the prisoners, who can stay in touch with their loved ones with the help of this service.  The calls are actively monitored and recorded by the jail staff for the security purposes as well. The logic and motto behind this service is to rehabilitate the inmates by allowing them good amount of time talking to their families and help them recover.

There are a lot of service providers catering to this market and providing services to the jails. The charges for these kinds of costs are humongous. They are about 4-5 times higher than what is charged to the local public. The main reason behind such high costs per call is due to the fact that, these calls have to be monitored and stored which increases the cost. 

Following are some of the major players in the current market for providing inmate calling services:

  1. pcs inmate calling
  2. vconnect inmate calling
  3. evercom inmate calling

A comparison of the 3 companies

inmate calling services

  • PCS inmate calling provides their customer with the opportunity to either make a prepaid call or a debit call; whereas the later ones only offer prepaid services. For the prepaid services you would have to follow some basic steps, and within 15 minutes you can receive calls. PCS inmate calling services allow you to start receiving calls within 15 minutes after you have transferred money into your account; whereas the other 2 companies take slighter longer time which gives PCS a slight edge over its competitors.
  • Vconnect has a lot of trouble if you try to call inmates. Your call might get disconnected very easily and there are a lot of service glitches as well. But if an inmate calls you then the problem would disappear and the call would not get disconnected very often.
  • Mostly the customers are not very happy with the services being provided, because of the unsuccessful attempts they made to try and connect to the inmates. The bigger problem is the customer service department that lacks proper training and knowledge about the services being provided, and their inability to guide the customers. According to various reviews from customers, the customer service representatives either don’t pick and once they do they are very rude.
  • Another problem that the service providers are trying to solve is the permission for inmates to call on cell phone numbers. The inmates do not have the authority to call on cell phones, they have to make calls on landline and that number has to be given and listed with the jail authorities.
  • PCS is pioneer in providing inmate calling services, and has good amount of experience in its hand. That is the main reason its services and call quality is better than the other two companies. Evercom is not very far behind when it comes to call quality services and customer satisfaction but Vconnect has some serious issues regarding the call quality.
  • Evercom has slightly less call charges than the other two. It gives a monthly package for about $50 for unlimited calls and there is not cost for setting up an account. Apart from the package it costs around $4.5 to make collect calls; whereas a regular call would cost $1 per 15 minutes.  Unlike Evercom, PCS charges money to set up the account and apart from that there are miscellaneous other charges such as, making the billing statements costs around $3 per month. These small amounts add up and become a very big headache for the customer at the end of the month. To open up an account with vconnect it might cost you as low as $25 and as high as $100 depending upon the type of accounts you want.
  • Although vconnect has trouble with the call connections, the positive thing is that it does not charge any money if the call does not connect successfully. It is considered to be a plus, because there are companies who charge money regardless of whether it’s been successful or not.

In the end I would like to conclude by saying that; evercom is the best when it comes to call charges, PCS charges a lot of money but the service it provides is exceptional and last but not least vconnect does not provide excellent call quality, but it does have an edge on the cost over others.





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