inmate calling solutions

Inmate Calling Solutions: Totally  Worth  Your  Money Or Just Another Scam?


Evercom inmate calling

The first step in this direction is to determine the possibility of an evercom service at a prison facility where your friend or relative is being incarcerated.  It is because some of the prisons in US do not allow any form of calls at all. Once you know that there is a proper evecom inmate calling service working at a particular prison, you can call the prison administration directly to start the procedure. After setting up an account with evercom and making necessary adjustments with the prison administrative rules you can start receiving calls from the inmates.

You can create a prepaid account if you happen to be using a cell phone. A virgin mobile cell phone is also a good choice for people who intend to receive calls from their relatives from prison. This phone is cheap enough at $29.99 and gives unlimited amount of talk time at $49.99. This is surely one of the better ways to communicate on a regular basis with your loved ones at prison.

Another important thing to consider at this point is that an evercom account can charge you more if you use a cell phone and is relatively cheaper with the local house number. You can also set up an account over the phone and if you want to make the payments through credit then there is a fixed limit of credit which is $50.00 that should be on your calling card if you are using a prepaid service.

If you want to communicate with your friends and relatives in prison more frequently than it is better to set up the account with a house number. Evercom inmate calling charges less for house numbers. For example a house number may cost you around $4.35 per 15 minutes of call time. On the contrary, a cell phone will cost you around $5.99 for exactly the same amount of talk time. Calling from house is therefore a lot easier on your purse if you intend to receive long calls from prison inmates.

There are some other companies such as that offer some good packages but they also require setting up an account with evercom which makes the calling services more efficient. After you receive the number from certain companies that are affiliated with an evercom inmate calling account, there will be lots of cheap rates which you could utilize in managing prison calls.