inmate calling solutions

Inmate Calling Solutions: Totally  Worth  Your  Money Or Just Another Scam?


Inmate calling solutions

As the name suggests, inmate calling solutions which is one of the firms in telecommunications industry, offers inmate calling services such as recording, networking, monitoring and other wide range of services. The various services provided by inmate calling solutions give inmates a chance to maintain close contact with their loved ones.


What it’s all about?

inmate call solutionsSome people might think of it as a company providing only call services. Well, this is not only what inmate calling solutions is confined to. ICS (Inmate calling solutions) not only provides calling services but payment processing methods, secure email, biometric tracking, jail management solutions and much more. There is a whole list of the wide range of benefits and services that ICS offers you. You can learn more about its services by visiting their official website.

As far the company’s reputation and the ability to satisfy their customer is concerned, a solid conclusion cannot be drawn at this point. This is due to the fact that some call it a scam and some people view inmate calling solutions as beneficial for them to stay in touch with their loved ones who are in jail while allowing easy payment processing methods as well. But we do know that every product/service, whether tangible or intangible do have a good as well as a bad side.

In order to know whether inmate calling solutions is really worth your money or is it just another scam like some of the other inmate calling service provider, read along to know the pros and cons of inmate calling solutions.


Regions/countries where ICS provides its services:

inmate calling solutions onlineInmate calling solutions has a well developed and well managed infrastructure that is technically as well as financially stable. Moreover, ICS has formed key relations with various suppliers and partners that help them work on their business model. Due to the expanding growth, inmate calling solutions provides a wide range of services in about 35 states across the country with installed sites available to over 400 correctional facilities.


Deciding to go with ICS or not

It was actually a rare phenomenon to find a complete positive review about inmate calling solutions. There are customers who are facing problems with ICS in different areas. Nonetheless, among the customers who have been using inmate calling solution or who are currently using the services, a small percentage of them are actually satisfied with the results.

Services and benefits

The company claims to provide the following benefits over the services it offers;


  • The prominent services provided by the firm includes the Enforcer, remote areas access and networking, FraudImpact which is concerned with the validation and fraud control, PSPC etc.

  • Through this technology and other services, the company focuses on establishing a close link of contact between the inmates and their friends, families and relatives. ICS really has made the inmate call solutions a way of removing the wide communication gap.

  • Not only that, it allows the jail management and administrative staff to keep a track record of the calls being made which includes the duration of calls made, list of people to whom call was made, what was said etc. Also, it provides various tools to the staff to monitor and track the location as well as the documents and papers that are exchanged between the two parties.

  • The ICS letters allows the inmate’s friends and family members to communicate through a specialized and secured email process

  • As far as the payment options are concerned, inmate calling solution provides the members to pay through two means; traditional payment method and online mode of payment.

  • The company also provides you an additional facility of securing the deposits by transferring money or funds in to the Trust account of the inmate or incarcerated friend and a loved one.

  • Biometric technology which is also one of the many services provided by the company, works in close contact with the Enforcer technology. It works by keeping a record of the inmate telephone calls and plays an important role in controlling and eliminating frauds that might occur in the near future. Also, the voice verification system is useful to maintain a record of the identity of the officer.

  • Furthermore, the company has a substantial amount of experience, operating in the industry which makes it a leader as well.

  • Some of the customers are of the view that Inmate call solutions seem to be a cost effective choice for them when compared to other company’s providing such similar services. It does not cost you an additional amount other than the monthly fee charges.

  • You can eventually save a lot more when you are making long-distance calls by using services of Inmate calling solutions.


Cons - the drawbacks

inmate calling solutions services and benefitsThere have been a lot of conflicting opinions over the discussion forums on the internet which raises a question about Inmate calling solution’s credibility. Many people are of the view that this company is a scam. This is due to the fact that many customer’s phone number and calls have been blocked due to some unknown reasons and eventually caused them to pour money down the drain.
There have been some cases where the representatives of the company are rude to the customers and do not process the customer request too quickly. Moreover, many a times it has failed responding to the emails as well, which shows lack of care on the customers par. Now this can be a serious issue because no matter what the company is, if it does not meet or exceed their customer requirements; it will never be able to sustain growth.

On the downside another factor that ads to the company’s drawbacks are its competitor’s services. There are some alternatives to the company’s services available to customers which they can even use it for free. For example on google voice, you can get a local number free of charge. Moreover, Inmate calling solution’s website does not provide sufficient information for customers to make a certain decision. They should try mentioning their call rates and other packages on their official website. 
There has been a mixed review regarding the services that ICS provides. However, Inmate Calling Solutions really need to look upon resolving their customer complaints in a timely manner. Also, customers are required to research thoroughly about the particular service provider in this case because there are many inmate calling service provider out there that are just another scam.